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School and High School of Economics in Sedlčany (G a SOŠE)

Headmaster:   Mr Zdeněk Šimeček
E-mail:  simecek@goasedlcany.cz
Phone No:  123
Deputy Headmaster:   Mr Jiří Doubrava
E-mail:  doubrava@goasedlcany.cz
Phone No:  124
Address:   G a SOŠE Sedlčany
  Nádražní 90
  264 80 Sedlčany
  the Czech Republic
E-mail: goa@goasedlcany.cz
Phone No: 318 822 895
Fax No: 318 822 885

The Grammar school and High school of Economics in Sedlčany is a state school which was founded in 1946. It consists of a four-year grammar school (since 1946), an eight-year grammar school (since 1990) and a four-year high school of Economics (since 1993).

The school is located in a modern building with fully equipped classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, a multi media room, three computer suites, and a room dedicated to the Economics High School´s fictive firm project. PE lessons use outdoor facilities including a softball court, and also a fully equipped gymnasium with a spectators gallery.


G a SOŠE regularly organizes various cultural and sports events. Once a year, for instance, there is a Christmas meeting, and just before the end of the school year we have a garden party, called “Pivoňková“ (meaning Peony party).

Students of the four year grammar school take a skiing course in the Krkonose Mountains in their first year. They take a sports course in their third year with a choice of hiking, windsurfing, cycling or boating, or a universal course including canoeing, rafting and cycling.

Students of the high school of economics take a skiing course in the Krkonose mountains in their first year. They take a sports course in their second year and in their third year they undertake two weeks of work experience in local companies.

Students of the eight year grammar school take a skiing course in their second and fifth years and take a sports course in their seventh year.

Through trips and study programs, students have visited the USA, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia and Italy, and they have also been to sites such as Auswitz in Poland and the Temelín nuclear electric plant.

Students can join many extra-curricular activity groups, for example computers, ceramics, canoeing, football, floorball, basketball, softball, gymnastics, aerobics, table tennis, biology and chemistry groups, typing, and English and Russian language courses.

The school maintains twinning relationships with a grammar school in Gmund, Austria, and a Lyceum in Taverny, France.

Feel free to pop in to see us any time!

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